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LCCSA Action and March against LA reforms- Happy Birthday Mr Grayling

2pm Old Palace Yard, followed by a march to the MOJ.

Happy Birthday Mr Grayling!!

You only want justice for the few, no more justice for the many… only justice for you!

LCCSA and CLSA are joining the probation service in taking action against the imposed cuts to legal aid and privatisation of the Probation Services. Which has resulted in restricting access to fair and justified representation, to put it simply the man has banned books in Prison?

No matter where you stand in the Political Agenda… BOOKS?

Books are the window for a soul- no-one should be deprived that right. No-one has the right to deprive that right.

Unfortunately despite our best efforts, the cuts and reforms are ploughing on. Cementing the impending death of the Criminal Justice System.

Our efforts are not for us, they are for justice. We stand strong as a firm in a time of uncertainty, our main purpose, to defend the voice of justice.

Grayling Grayling Grayling… OUT OUT OUT!!

Photo credit: We met the lovely Hazel Dunlop (Photographer) who was kind enough to provide us with a photograph of our firm, Mobile: 07815 300903 Email: w:

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