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Legal Aid 

Public Legal Aid Funding

Police Station Representation


You are entitled to free legal advice if you are in custody in a Police Station, even if you are working. Free advice also applies if you have been asked to come in for a pre-arranged interview with an investigating officer from Customs & Excise. 


You should be asked by the Custody Sergeant if you have a preferred firm of Solicitors or if you wish to speak to the Duty solicitor.


You have the legal right to choose your own representation and should ask to speak to Criminal Defence Solicitors. The Police MUST inform us that you have been arrested if you ask for us at the Police Station. You are also able to speak to us on the telephone free of charge where we can advise you on the best course of action.


We can be at any Police Station within 45 minutes - 1 hour. Ask the Custody Sergeant to contact Criminal Defence Solicitors on 0207 353 7000.


Magistrates  Court


To be granted Legal Aid in the Magistrates Courts, you need to pass two tests. These are called 'the interests of justice' and 'the means test'

- You might lose your job

- You might go to Prison

- You find it difficult to understand the court proceedings because of language issues or mental health.


The second part of the process is the 'means test'. This test looks at your disposable income. If you are under 18 and in full time education or you get Income Support, Jobseeksers allowance or a State Pension you should qualify.


If you are working you may still qualify depending on how much disposable income you have.

-  Your disposable income should not exceed £283.00 per month.


For more information on how disposable income is calculated call our specialist team on 0207 353 7000.


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