Road Traffic Offences

We appreciate that your driving licence is important to you. A disqualification, or even the imposition of penalty points, can have a devastating impact on you, your family and your job.

We offer professional legal advice, information and representation for a range of motoring offences including careless driving, dangerous driving, speeding, speeding disqualification and drink driving.
Other offences, such as speeding, can often be considered trivial and are often routinely, if reluctantly, accepted as fixed penalties. Many cases can, however, be extremely complex for the police to prove. We are often able to provide expert advice that may save your driving licence.

If you have been charged with any road traffic related offence or have been served a Notice of Intended Prosecution, it is important that you are represented by a solicitor. We will do everything the law permits to significantly improve the likelihood you will avoid a driving disqualification and, even if you plead guilty, minimise any driving penalties you incur.

You may face a disqualification as a result of the number of points that you have on your licence, this is sometimes referred to as “totting up”. If at any time during a three year period you have 12 or more points on your licence the Court must consider imposing a driving ban for at least 6 months unless you are able to persuade the Court that you will suffer “exceptional hardship”. We can assist in presenting your exceptional hardship argument to the court.

Our team of experts will guide you through your case from start to finish, providing detailed, comprehensive and fully confidential information at every stage.

Public Funding is sometimes, but rarely, available for Road Traffic cases. We can advise you on whether you would qualify. If you do not we can represent you privately and will advise you, in advance, of our fees. We try to ensure that our fees remain reasonable and competitive.

Contact our dedicated Road Traffic department today for more information on:           020 7353 7000 or freephone 0800 051 10 67

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