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Fat Cat Lawyers, right?

There are three common myths about lawyers


​​​​​1. Lawyers are fat cats


​​​​​​​​FACT: The average UK criminal defence solicitor earns between £20,000 and £45,000 a year. In addition to the working day we are required to be available on evenings and weekends, day and night, every day of the year. Often no pension. Definately no perks.


​​​​2. Lawyers help criminals lie about what they have done?


FACT: If a client tells us they have committed an offence but want to lie about it, we cannot continue to act for them. Our role is simply to test the case presented by the State to see if the State can prove it beyond reasonable doubt. Do you trust the State to play fair? Would you like someone to check they are if you were accused of a criminal offence?


​3. I'm not a criminal, I don't care what happens to lawyers because I will never need one


FACT: What if your Father struck someone in self defence? What if they fell and suffered brain damage? What is your Son or Daughter didn't see the car that ploughed into them. They are accused of dangerous driving. What if your Partner defended your home from a burglar but was prosecuted for assault? What if your employer accused you of having your hand in the till?​


These are genuine cases.


Whether you were innocent or guilty... Would you want help from a lawyer to defend yourself or advance your mitigation? see


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