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Free legal aid

            Recent Legal Aid Cases 

We are able to apply for Legal Aid for many of our clients. Legal Aid is granted by the Legal Aid agency and is means tested. This means that if you are on a low income or not working then you should be able to apply for Legal Aid.  




R v O – The Defendant was charged with Possession with Intent to Supply of Cannabis following a raid on his house where cannabis was found. On the day of trial, we successfully managed to negotiate a plea to simple possession for which the Defendant received a conditional discharge.


R v TB – The youth defendant was charged with possession of cannabis. Following long negotiations with the Crown we managed to convince them to remit this matter back down to the police station for a caution to save the young defendant having to go through court proceedings.  


Violent Offences


R v CH – The Defendant was charged with assault by beating on his ex-partner. Following a trial, the Magistrates’ found the Defendant not guilty.




R v MA – The Defendant was due to stand trial for Theft from a Dwelling having been forensically linked to the scene. The Defendant had not been produced at court for the first day of trial however following representations to the Prosecutor they were convinced to offer no evidence in respect of all allegations.


R v FS – The Defendant was charged with Dwelling Burglary and has several previous convictions for the same offence. Following a successful opposition to a bad character application made by the Crown to introduce the previous convictions as evidence the Crown were forced to offer no evidence. 


Sexual Offences


R v TA – In this case the Defendant was charged with Assault by Penetration (Rape) and a lesser sexual offence. The trial involved many complex issues including expert medical evidence and cross-examination on the Complainant’s sexual history. Following lengthy deliberation the Jury acquitted the Defendant of Rape and was discharged in relation to the lesser offence.


R v JW – The Defendant was a man with no previous convictions charged with sexual assault which is alleged to have taken place in a noted London nightclub. Following a trial in the Crown Court the Defendant was acquitted of all counts on the indictment and maintained his good character.


R v LA – We are currently instructed to represent a Defendant charged with a string of rapes in the Tower Hamlets area. The nature of the evidence in the case is extremely complex including facial recognition and DNA experts.

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