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Serious Offences: Crown Court 

Crown Courts

​Appearing in the Crown Court is a daunting prospect, we can explain the process from beginning to end and help you through it.

Criminal Defence Solicitors have extensive experience defending the full range of criminal offences.



We have a strong team of proficient barristers and solicitor advocates.

Our lawyers are qualified and experienced in appearing as advocates in the Crown Court, as well as working closely with leading barristers' chambers.

We will advise you clearly and promptly as to your options, so you can make informed decisions about your case.

If you plead not guilty​

We will work closely with you to ensure that your case is properly prepared for trial so that your case is presented in the best possible light. 

We will analyse the prosecution case against you and, where necessary, instruct experts on your behalf.

We will inform you and any defence witnesses you may have about the court process and what to expect. 

If you plead guilty

We will help you prepare for your sentence hearing ensuring that all mitigating circumstances are brought to the court's attention.

We will present character evidence and negotiate an appropriate basis of plea on your behalf.

For more information please contact our dedicated serious offences and Crown Court department on: (020 7353 7000) or our freephone number (0800 051 10 67).

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