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Practice Areas- Criminal Defence Solicitors

Criminal Defence Solicitors is headed by two senior partners ;
Mr John - Kishin Navani and Mr Noor Lodhi.  Under their leadership the firm covers  key areas of criminal law.
Youth Crime


It's important to have good representation. A criminal record can seriously impact your ability to get a job in the future. Our lawyers are specially trained to deal with young offenders and youth crime. 


Drug Offences
We are able to offer you advice and representation from a charge of simple possession of a class 'b' sustance to the more serious supply and production of class 'a' drugs charges.
If you have been charged with an offence contrary to the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 then get in touch with one of our expert team. 

The best way to reduce a confiscation order is to mount a legal or expert challenge to the basis of calculation of the benefit figure. Criminal Defence Solicitors has a dedicated department which provides high standard expertise.


Violent Crime


We cover cases of domestic violence, assault and ABH as well as the more serious cases such as GBH, Manslaughter, Attempted Murder and Murder. 




Theft & Fraud
Most cases of theft will be dealt with in the Magistrates Court. Our team of solicitors are experienced in dealing with theft cases. 
Complex fraud cases require specific expertise. We have Barristers both in-house and external that specialise in complex Fraud cases. 
Drug Offences
Military Offences
Youth Crime
Sex Offences
Violent Offences
Theft & Fraud
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