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Peek House
20 Eastcheap 
15 St.Mary at Hill


DX: 515 London City

T: (020 7353 7000)

How to get here:

The nearest stations are: Monument           

(District and Circle lines and Northern ) 



Alternatively, feel free to call our office

and we will assist you as much as possible. 

Criminal Defence Solicitors

For 24 hour emergency help contact:

020 7353 7000

or Freephone: 0800 051 10 67

                                               or Freepost: RUCS-HRYB-RTCS

                                                    Criminal Defence Solicitors

                                                    Peek House

                                                    20 Eastcheap

                                                    London EC3M 1EB


Office opening Hours:

Monday- Friday: 09.30am - 17.45pm



Please ensure that you include ALL of your return contact details within the space labelled 'Message'. Unfortunately we may be unable to respond to your enquiry if this is not completed. 


The more information you give us the quicker we can help you.



Your email has been sent, our office will get in touch as soon as possible using the details you have provided.

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