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LCCSA Training Day: Legal aid, costs cases and the tale of the financial lifeboat

Following the recent break in unity of the profession, there has been a dramatic turn of events.

Once united (briefly), the industry is greatly divided with solicitors and barristers on both sides of the fence.

We attended with many other firms to a training event dealing with “the morning after the night before” in which Andrew Keogh gave a humorous light on how to remain strong and successful in this current fall of the Criminal Justice System.

He gave an insight for firms to understand what elements they can control and tools to continue with for the future.Further action was proposed and received with much agreement.

There will be planned action to begin 7th April 2014 and end mid-May, unfortunately we have been forced into the position of causing detriment to our clients need in order to protect their interest long term.It is now or never, we need to act.

This is a pivotal moment in the Criminal Justice history and we have got to protect access to justice for all.

Mr Navani, Partner of Criminal Defence Solicitors, publically pledged his allegiance to the proposed action by the LCCSA and we will do everything in our power to support our clients through this period.

More details are expected in due course from the LCCSA.

If you have any views or opinions on this please email us on

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